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Empower Your Name will re-inject a lust for living again. You feel that eyes are wide open. You have peace of mind and feel total in control in all situation's. You live without fear. It's like a "Hidden Auto Pilot Switch" that, once trigged automatically guides you to your goal and you to it. " The only effort required is to write the Alternate Name Spelling few times per day at a particular time and take easy action on the thoughts that come to you. " Man is a part of God-not physically or mentally-but spiritually. The inner spiritual Reality is your essential identity, and you are a part of that Supreme Universal Soul that is the pinnacle of all perfection. God is experienced and known to be an ocean of love,compassion, wisdom and joy. These things are an essential part of your own true nature. The failure to understand this truth about our real nature and to make our lives a process of inner awakening has brought mankind into this state of darkness. Empower Your Name is more relevant than at any other time in human history, precisely because it is a system that teaches man how to bring about an inner transformation of life through the manifestation of these divine qualities.

The pursuit of self-satisfaction and sensuality totally warps human nature and bring it down to the level of a beast. The more you ignore your true spiritual nature, the more you enter into darkness and suffering. Empower Your Name provides a tool by which you can bring about a change in the present human condition.

Empower Your Name brings about a direct relationship with that Being with whom you are inseparably connected. To forfeit this supreme privilege would bring the potential for great evil to all mankind. Yet, the prevalence of Empower Your Name over the modern world today is a sign of hope that there may be a future for mankind.

Empower Your Name can bring light into the darkness, and it can replace un-wisdom by wisdom. It can replace weakness with strength and slavery by self­mastery. It can bring wisdom where there is now only folly. It can make the human being truly a child of God. These ideas warrant serious reflection and deep contemplation. Think, reflect, and if possible try to see what you can do in the context of your own life in the light of this present condition of man.

I feel personally that it would not be in any way an exaggeration if I said that this is the only way out of humanity's present condition. This is neither fanaticism nor dogmatism. There are so many paths put forward by different organizations, but for any of these paths to be successful. They must in some way contain Empower Your Name. Nothing can be achieved unless the human individual puts himself into a conscious relationship with God. No improvement is possible unless the channel is opened between man and God. This is precisely what Empower Your Name constitutes, and this is the purpose of Empower Your Name. It actually brings man to God and God to man.