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Advanced Pranic Healing Therapist
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This is the best way to Increase and strengthen your charkas. Just by writing your name (as guided) your charkas become bigger and also balanced!!! Theirby you become stronger. It also has an healing effect. As MCKS says when your charkas become bigger and stronger what ever you think and say tends to manifest. In pranic healing we learn to make our charkas bigger and balanced. The same thing is realized by writing the name for a certain amount of times. It can be tested by pranic healers by scanning your charkas before and after the names are given to u by Mr. P.K Dinesh.

The best example being my mother, who used to be a very sensitive now has the capability to bare the most tough times and tough people. She knows how to handle people and solve problems. She has become very strong internally.  It gives a deep spiritual understanding and faster evolvement tough to understand, unless experienced.

Next topic is about How the energy of you and your family and the energy of your home improves by just removing an object at home. There was an object at home that was disturbing and blocking the energy flow at home which we dint notice for months. Dinesh scanned and gave a call and told us to remove that  particular object at home. After doing what Dinesh told i.e after removing that particular object, the charkas of all at home were wide open. And also the energy circulation at home improved!!!

Dinesh has also helped us in removing the effect of unseen pillars at our homes. These pillars which are unseen creates a pressure in that particular place and creates head aches and dizziness. When they are seen, we can prevent by not sitting under the pillar.  But when unseen we tend to do the mistake by sitting there. But, just by placing a mirror by that side as said by Dinesh, the entire place became normal! The pressure was greatly reduced!!

We are very much grateful to Dinesh who not only helps in healing us and our families, but also our house. Hatts off to his discoveries!

With Love and gratidute,